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  • 國一

Everyone likes to play the computer, and I do, too. When I go home, if I have free time, I usually turn on the computer and enter the internet. I always can’t wait to surf the internet. For me, computer is charming, it is my teacher and also my friend. And I assured that the computer is good to you and me. Let me explain the reasons to you

On the Internet, you can find information easily. No matter what you want to know, like the history, the ecosystem, the news—even how to make snacks, you just enter the key word, then you can find the information on the Internet. Another good thing is, you can transmit messages to other people quickly. I think you already have the answer—that’s right! It’s Email. Everybody receives and sends electronic mail by Internet. How convenient! If you have an urgent dispatch to sent, just use the Internet. It can help you a lot. Computer is a knowledge treasure house and “liaison net.”

But on the other hand, if some people revel in play computer and on-line games, it is terribly bad. The games are unreal and may hurt your eyes and bodies. I have to say, play computer can relax our bodies, but just don’t make yourself wallow in it. The computers are used by help people to get the knowledge more fast and make people much closer, not for playing games or sent bad mails to other people.
At the age like me, I know that everyone is interested in playing on-line games. But don’t forget that computer isn’t only for play games. It has lots of knowledge and information. Use computer in good way, then you will learn a lot. Computers play a very important part in our life. If you use it for good things, you will agree what I say, “Computer is good for you and me.”

  • 國二

In my opinion, the computer is one of the world’s greatest inventions. It is fast and convenient, and it can save resources like paper and plastic.

Some go on-line to sprout their creativity, while some show off their skills on the games. As for me, I use it for two purposes: communication and looking up information.

I love emails because you can write a letter to anyone anywhere in the world, and you don’t have to wait for ages to get their response. That way, we can be more efficient in our ways of doing things. Another thing that’s really great is the Messenger. Even though you may be very far away from your friends, family etc., you can use the messenger to chat with them just as if they are right next to you (even though you can’t hear their voices), and be just as close to them.

Looking up information on the internet is very convenient because you can just go on a website like Google or Yahoo, type in the key word, and boom! On the screen you will find everything you need. It is a much better way of doing your homework and catching up with the fast pace of our society than turning over every library in town, isn’t it?

I believe that computers are the proof of modern technology, and as its quality improves day by day, the lives of human beings will improve!

  • 國三

?The computer is one of the greatest inventions in the world. It is very important to people. From elementary students to the very old ones, people use it for common life. Some people use it for fun, like playing games. And some people use it because of work, like typing a report. Some people also use it to know the news and chat about things, like sending E-mails and using the MSN.

I don’t use the computer very often. I don’t play computer games or use the Yahoo Messenger. But the computer is still very important to me. When I was studying in America, I had to type reports. Without the computer, I wouldn’t have the information for my report and I couldn’t type it. That’s why it is so important to me.

I came back from the U.S. and is studying in junior high school. The computer is still part of my life. I sometimes go on the internet to look for the things I’m interested in. The computer has lots of information about many things. When I want to buy a basketball shoe. I go on the Nike, Reebok, Addida, and many other websites to look up the newest shoes they have. I can know the newest technology and the price of the shoes.

Anyway, the computer is a very convenient thing. It is part of my life and also a part of many people’s lives. People can’t live without it. It is a very useful thing for us to write reports and send Emails. You can get in touch with people quickly. As we go into the twenty-first century, the computer is becoming more and more important to us and affects us a lot. The computer and I will never
be separated.

  • 高一

?Computers are one of the most important tools in the world now. Of course, computers are important to me. By using the computer, I can do many things. First, I read news on the Internet. There are lots of fresh news on the Internet every day and I can know what happened around the world. Second, I use E-mail and Yahoo Messenger. I can easily keep in touch with my friends who are in America and Australia. I can send my thoughts to them and I can get their messages very soon. Using e-mail and Yahoo Messenger to send messages is much faster and much cheaper than talking on the phone. Third, I can do my homework by using the computers. I type my reports, search for information and read some English essays. Fourth, I can shop on the Internet. I can buy books, DVDs, clothes. Shopping on the Internet is like shopping in a huge department store.

Although using the computer is fun, we can’t sit in front of the computer all day long because it’s not good for our health. I usually use the computer for 30 minutes and then rest for 10 minutes because I have to protect my eyes. I also do some stretch during my rest time.

I think computer is our good friend and I like to use the computer. Although the computer is interesting, we still have to take care of our health. In sum, the computer is convenient and can help us to make our world better, so I think I will have to advance my skill of using computers.

  • 高二

Necessity is the mother of invention. People create hundreds of things in order to make the world better and more advanced. For instance, the advanced technology makes the life more convenient and colorful. Because of the eager to improve the life of humanity, and the idea of changing the world, there appeared the greatest and also the most useful invention in the history—computers.

Computers can not only help human solve the complicated questions but also make the work easier. Computers play an extremely important role in our lives. By using computers, people can do almost every thing at home. For instance, I always go shopping on the Internet, and use Yahoo Messenger to keep in touch with my friends and classmates. Even more, I met lots of foreign friends through the Internet! How could all these amazing things happen if there weren’t the birth of computers? The invention of computers not only brought convenience but also entertainment. When I am bored, I just need to turn on the computer and link to the Internet, and then I will chat with my friends or playing on-line games. That’s a quite practical and convenient way for almost every teenagers around my age. Have you heard about that computers can play chess with the greatest chess player in the world? The more surprised thing is that it was the third time for the player to challenge against the computer! It seems that the computer now is much smarter than its creator!

Computers, as the most influential invention, do affect the life of all human. In my opinion, it’s all because the computer that our life now is more relax and much more comfortable than before. Because of it, my life is more brilliant and convenient! I couldn’t imagine the life without computers! After all, human depend on them for almost every detail in the life!

  • 高三

?With the development of digital technology, there are more and more electronic equipments that modern people couldn’t live without. I am no exception to this situation. As far as I am concerned, the computer is a must-use equipment for me every day.

The computer helps me solve lots of problems in many ways. For instance, it helps me get “live scores” from the Internet. Compared to baseballthere aren’t much volleyball and tennis broadcast in Taiwan. Therefore, for a dedicated volleyball and tennis fan like me, I always have to surf on the Internet in order to get the latest information from these sports. Moreover, some programs in the computer such as “Word” and “Excel” help me finish doing my projects and documents, or typing essays and journals. What’s more, through the “MSN Messenger” program, I can keep in touch with my friends or key pals, even including some living in the U.S.!

Were it not for the computer, my life would be less colorful. Nevertheless, despite all the advantages that computers bring to me, there are still many traps hidden behind the computer which I need to be careful about. Sometimes, too much time spent on the computer will stop me from being concentrated on my study. It could be a huge distraction for a high school student, especially for a senior one. Furthermore, you can’t be too careful when making key pals on the Internet because it causes troubles and problems for you.

The computer is just like a two-sided blade. If you make the most of it, it will be a very good helper. On the contrary, if you don’t use it carefully, it may harm you. Be careful, and your life will be brilliant throughout using the computer!????